Send Mr. Doo some birthday wishes!

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February 12th marks a very special day! This is your chance to pay homage to Mr. Doo by wishing him a very happy 4th birthday! Send him an e-card, but better yet, spend a few bucks and mail him a can of tuna, and if you are feeling really generous, consider sending him catnip or his favorite snacks: Whisker Lickin’s Tuna crunchies!

Mr. Doo has awesome mind powers and will know who you are if you fail to at least send him an e-card! He even has his own gmail account to facilitate your blessings, tributes, and worship to him. You may even want to go crazy and send him a real snail mail birthday card or postcard. He’ll gladly give you his mailing address upon request. (No, he doesn’t have his own post office box—yet!)

There are benefits to you bestowing a little worship his way!

* You may someday win the lottery!
* You can brag to friends how you sent somebody’s cat that you never met something for his birthday!
* You’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you’ve done right by Mr. Doo!
* Most tuna is now dolphin safe so you’re protecting the environment!
* Mr. Doo would remember you on your birthday (well, maybe not)
* He is more evil than you and has better mind powers
* You would spend more money on buying a latte or skein of yarn
* This counts as a random act of kindness so you can negate some karma or move ahead one person in line at the Pearly Gates
* Mr. Doo may purr with excitement over all of the attention!

But wait, there’s more! Mr. Doo would appreciate it if you mentioned his upcoming birthday on your blog, in fact cut and paste any or all of this entry so that his birthday can reach as many people as it possibly can through all of Blogdom!

I can certainly attest to Mr. Doo’s considerable Mind Powers, as he used them to help out Kittycat when he (Cat, that is) was sick last summer.

Happy birthday, Mr. Doo!

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