Why I didn’t knit much yesterday

I did a row or two on the dishcloth yesterday, but that was pretty much all I could manage.

You might recall my whining about my hands bothering me a few months ago? I hadn’t had much trouble from them lately; I started taking some herbal stuff (ginkgo biloba) for something else, and when I stopped taking it I noticed that my hands started hurting again after a few days. I was curious if it was that, so I took it for a week, stopped taking it for a week, etc. a couple of times until I decided that it really was helping with that. A couple of days on it and my hands feel better, a couple of days off it and they feel worse. I think it’s got some sort of anti-inflammatory effect. I’ll take what I can get; I can’t take advil or anything in that family (wheeeeeze!)

But yesterday afternoon it started up again, first the joints in my thumbs and then gradually in other fingers swelled up and went all wacky. It got worse as the day went on, but it’s way better today.

I think it might’ve been the weather, honestly. There was a massive front moving in to replace our lovely 60° day with 30°-and-dropping today, complete with near-hurricane force winds last night.

Feeling about 70% better today, so I’m hoping to get more done on it later on…