Yep, I’ll put up a pic soon. Feel free to giggle at it. (No, really, it’s bad. But I’ll take a picture of it anyway.)

I’m finding out that I do all this crafty stuff because it drives me stark raving mad not to have something to keep my hands busy. I’ve been trying to take it easy on my wrists because they’ve been acting up a little. Not a lot, but I’ll be driving and I go to shift gears and get this weird zingpingblat of nerve pain, and that’s not good, right? And it’s really for the best if I give it a rest *before* it gets real bad rather than after.

So I’m trying to lay off anything that could be considered “repetitive strain”.

It’s not easy. I have a serious excess of nervous energy and I need to do SOMETHING with it.

2 thoughts on “Soon

  1. Deneen

    My right hand has been killing me (trigger thumb and some kind of swelling) and the left hand now has carpal tunnel, I have to get more B-6 for that, yet I cannot stop crocheting, etc. I let it rest and do something else, but it still bothers it. I understand where you are coming from-one reason I refuse to do thread crochet.

  2. Marvie

    How about reading? If you enjoy reading, this might be a good time to catch up. Other than that, I’m out of ideas…. I never realized how many things we do can cause repetitve strain issues!
    Feel better soon!

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