Wooly finds

Good morning…and yes, it is still morning for me even if the clock says it’s almost noon. I haven’t finished my coffee or read my email, therefore it’s morning.

I’ve had a couple of good finds lately, but unfortunately the flash on the camera seems hosed (I’m hoping it just needs a new set of rechargeable batteries because I’m having trouble finding the warranty information) so I’m just going to tell you about them. Apparently the wool gods have been smiling upon me, because I recently found a bag of assorted yarn in a thrift store marked at 90¢ that had (along with some random stuff in strange colors) two full skeins of fingering weight wool. I have no clue what I’ll do with that (one is blue, one is white) but for 90¢ I wasn’t going to let that go.

Then another wool find yesterday-ish (this past weekend? a bit of a blur to be honest). I was in Crafts 2000 in Parkersburg, and they had a huge bin of these knit kits, with a pattern and the yarn required to make it, that had been marked at $15-20 but were now $5.00. I can see why they got marked down—the patterns were really nothing to write home about.

But. They had this one kit to knit a truly heinous men’s scarf, and in the kit were seven balls of pretty nice wool, which looks like it can be felted since the washing instructions said to handwash in cold water, four balls of a pretty green and three in light brown-ish. I plan to make a little felted bag out of it.

Because, you know, I don’t have enough bags waiting to be lined already…

2 thoughts on “Wooly finds

  1. Deneen

    That is a find, I would buy stuff like that just for the yarn too.

    I have a bunch of bags to be lined too……..

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