Mushroom scarf

That afghan was actually not the only thing I was working on. I was putting a few rows here and there on a plain hdc scarf for sanity purposes, and after I finished the afghan, I finished up the scarf. It’s made of, um, RH Casual Cotton I think. Some chunky cotton thing, anyway. I remember that the color name was mushroom but am a little hazy as to what brand it was.

I’ve been intending to make a scarf out of that very yarn for upwards of two years now, and now I have. Well, I’d started a scarf with it more than once but was never happy and kept frogging it. What I found and frogged most recently was some stitch pattern I couldn’t even remember that seemed to invove a lot of crossed dcs. Interesting, maybe, but I decided plain ol’ hdc would look nicer and be warmer.

I have an unaccountable fondness for absurdly long scarves, so I was happy that two skeins made this long enough to go all the way around my neck and still reach hip-length.

Clickable (eek! I have no neck!):

All hdc with aforementioned chunky cotton yarn (two full skeins) and a size M hook.

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