How do you decide?

Hey folks.

I have this $25 Knitpicks gift certificate that I won months ago in Lori’s blog contest, and it is seriously burning a hole in my pocket.


I can’t decide what yarn to buy. I’ve been trying to settle on a project and then pick out yarn for it, but this is more complex than previously anticipated.

I want to make a cute little crochet dress, like maybe this or this (pdf files, both of them, just so’s you’re warned), in celebration of the fact that I have lost something like 40 pounds and possibly might could actually look cute in something like that now.


How do I figure out what size to make? I have to wonder if my bust measurement, which is how both of those patterns are sized, is going to tell me to make it a size too big. I’m a 10 in jeans, a medium-to-large in tops depending on how much give they have, 36DD bra size (because I have so far been blessed with losing weight without my boobs disappearing—go me!—but just try finding that size at Walmart). So I dunno. Do I go with what looks like the equivalent of a size large on the grounds that if crochet clothing patterns are anything like sewing patterns, it’s probably designed for a B cup? Or do I make the medium size and try to adjust if it looks like it’ll be too small around the bust? Do I even trust myself to be have enough of a clue to adjust the pattern properly?


In other news, the other day I ran across three leftover balls of Woolease worsted in blue mist and they just called out to me. We want to be made into a scarf for Vicki! So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m using one of the sedge stitch patterns (the first one, I think) from the Harmony 300 Crochet Stitches book and it’s working up pretty quickly. Photo soon, maybe tomorrow even.

Oh, and I overcame my fear of setting the corset on fire and singed the boning (hee!) and have attached one of the two edging channels. One more to go, then sew the boning in place, make the eyelet rows for the lacing, and it’s done. I am not looking forward to the sewing in place of the boning because it involves a needle and thread and a thimble and it sounds tedious and also a bit painful, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

And, finally, a project pic, because didn’t I promise to post the photo of What I Did With That Motorhead T-shirt I Stole From My Buddy Jim In 1989? (Note: I have cropped the photo to just the t-shirt because, dude. I look really pudgy in that photo because I forgot to stand up straight, and also I am squinting because the sun was in my eyes in a major way. But if you want to see the whole Deranged Pixie Outfit, it is here.)

Anyway, here ya go:

2 thoughts on “How do you decide?

  1. Deneen

    You look so good!

    I like the Tuscany dress, personally, but you didn’t ask that did you?

    I would go with my bust size as to how to make the dress. I have made items and went by my size and not exactly the bust size and they always ended up wrong.

    Just my opinion-

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