I feel compelled to make warm, cozy things

(Oh, I came back to add that the creepy house in the photo in the previous post? I do not live in that house. It is actually both condemned and abandoned. It’s next door to my house. Très scenic.)

I have some thread projects and other things that I keep meaning to finish up, but in the meantime all I seem to want to do is keep people warm.

Last week I was seized with an urge to find that gigantor ball of Joann’s rainbow bouclé that I bought for 40% off back in June with the intention of making a throw to keep in the car after freezing my ass off while stranded with a flat tire on a rainy night. (Turned out those shorts that seemed like such a good idea during the daytime were not so appropriate after nightfall and a thunderstorm. Also turned out that camo and black is in general not a good color scheme to be wearing in the dark when you are trying to get the attention of a tow truck driver who knows only that you are located somewhere within about five acres of parking lot.)

Anyway. Rainbow bouclé. 40% off. $5 blanket, woohoo! But I was distracted on the way by finding a few balls of leftover Wool-ease. They sang to me. They told me that they would make a lovely, warm scarf, and didn’t Vicki look like she could use a nice scarf? So I set off on a mission.

I really like the sedge stitch from that Harmony crochet book. It’s sorta bumply, like making half-shells or something. It works up really fast.

Clickable…It’s folded in quarters; all told it’s probably six feet or so.
sedge stitch scarf

Close up:
sedge stitch scarf -- close up

Now I’m working on that throw. Maybe that will satisfy my compulsion to keep people warm so I can finish my unfinished projects…

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