On cars and trying to knit on dpns

1) What is wrong with me that I think it’ll work out if I start a project on dpns at 1:00 AM? I need to stop doing this. It doesn’t matter that this is the only time when I have enough peace and quiet to get it started. It will not work.

2) Slipping knitwise is not the same thing as slipping purlwise. Perhaps if it weren’t for #1 above, I would’ve noticed that in the instructions first time through.

3) With regard to the car meme that’s popping up on everyone’s blogs (and which I am too lazy to fill out and post), has anyone actually had sex in a car since the age of seventeen or so? (The back seat of a Chevette = the most uncomfortable place I ever had sex. Hands down.)

Oh, wait, to answer my own question: I have. Oops. Almost forgot about that.