FO: The corset (finally!)

Specifications: This is the outerwear corset pattern from StitchDiva. I used Paton’s Katrina in noir, probably about two or so skeins (I’m pretty sure I bought three skeins, and I have two partial/half-ish skeins left). K hooks for both the regular and Tunisian crochet. The pattern calls for I hooks and a yarn that works up at 19 sts to 4 inches, and I crochet tight and got a yarn that works up at 18 sts to 4 inches. It’s laced up with 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon with beads tied onto the ends.

I think this is the 30″ size, though it might be 32″. I don’t have the pattern with me today, so I’m not for sure which size I made. I know I made it small, though (I have something like a 33″ waist, or did when I measured last spring) because that Katrina is pretty stretchy, and the pattern warns about the corset stretching after it’s been worn anyhow. So I think that’s the 30″ size.

I know I always say this, but this isn’t a great photo. First off, you can see a bit of the boning—I missed that the first time around with the sewing (did lots of reinforcement after, too, just in case), and anyway I want to get a better photo, one that’s not in my living room and where I don’t look so glazed over, and submit it for the StitchDiva gallery, because I gather you get something nifty if she decides to use your photo, and this one isn’t going to cut it. It was well after midnight when I finally finished, and you can kinda tell, can’t you? (Thumbnail is clickable for full-size version.)

Corset thumbnail

2 thoughts on “FO: The corset (finally!)

  1. Tara

    It looks great! I love the idea of corsets. Why did everyone complain about them in times past?

  2. Allison

    Sorry if this seems odd, but I’m looking for a pattern so I can try my hand at crocheting a corset. As I was searching google, your blog came up. I’m just wondering how hard the pattern was to follow, size, etc. I’ve only crocheted afghans but am a quick learner. Do you recommend the pattern? Just thought I’d ask before I spend the $7 on it.
    Thanks a lot.
    P.S. Corset looks good!

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