Foodie Friday: Fake shepherd’s pie

Look, me with a recipe! Ha.

This is good when things are rushed because it mostly uses things that are already in the house. It isn’t “real” shepherd’s pie with lamb, but close enough for me.


* 1lb ground sausage (or hamburger, but I promise you it tastes a lot better with sausage)
* chopped onion (or onion powder if you don’t have any actual onions)
* salt
* pepper
* 1 can cream of blap soup (cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of octopus, whatever you have hanging around the house)
* assorted canned veggies (I usually use green beans and mushrooms, sometimes corn, too. You can use frozen or fresh veggies if you want. I am not that ambitious.)
* mashed taters (leftover or instant)
* shredded cheese
* paprika

Brown the sausage (or beef, but I’m telling you the sausage tastes better) with the onion, drain. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in the cream of blap soup and put the whole mess in a casserole dish (I think I use a 2qt one. Or 1.5qt. Something like that.)

Drain the cans of veggies, dump on sausage/blap mixture in casserole dish. Spread mashed taters on top. Sprinkle with paprika. Paprika is yummy. Then throw some shredded cheese on top. (If you are me, you only put cheese on half of the top, because I do not eat cheese. If you are not me, go crazy with the cheese if that’s what makes you happy.)

Bake about 30 mins in 350° oven.

1 thought on “Foodie Friday: Fake shepherd’s pie

  1. Kari Holtz

    omg you do not eat cheese???? *faints* Thats ok I eat enough for the both of us! Seriously I CRAVE it. lol It’s the only way I get any milk in me cuz I don’t think non dairy creamer works as milk… lol

    I am sooo trying this recipe!

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