FO: Rolled brim hat

A finished object in the Project Spectrum department. About 220 yards of Paton’s classic merino in new denim, size H/5.00mm hook. (Maybe this way I’ll remember next time.)

rolled brim hat photo

That is all. I could’ve had some really cool photos of the sunlight glittering through ice-coated trees, but it was cold and snowing (yes, snowing while the sun was out) and I chickened out on pulling the truck over to the side of the road since I didn’t want to get stuck.

4 thoughts on “FO: Rolled brim hat

  1. chicksey

    Alright. I want to know what pattern this was and whether you like the look/fit of it. I have had nothing but disasterous handmade hats and major frustration that none are actually wearable.

  2. Dawn

    Lovely blue. Glad you didn’t take any snowy photos. I want some sunny warm tropical pictures. Enough with winter already! It is a cute hat, too.

  3. rebecca

    what a cute little hat!!! i want to make something like this but am a big fraidy cat that it will look horrid on me.
    and i’m with dawn – bring on the sun! enough of the snow and ice already (i’ll just whisper that it was 83 here today… no loud bousting ;-P )

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