Tank top

I’m knitting this tank top. I didn’t get the gauge right with the needles the pattern called for, so I just went up a size and started knitting the top rather than another swatch.

I’m several inches in and finally measured. I seem to be getting the exact same gauge I was getting with the smaller needles. This is a little baffling. I had washed the swatch, though. Maybe it got wider when I washed it?

I’m also unconvinced that I’m making the right size top. I keep thinking to myself, No, go on ahead, the 38″ one is the one that’ll fit around your hips. You’re putting in bust darts anyway. The pattern even says to put in bust darts. What could go wrong?

Tomorrow I’m taking the thing off the needles to try to check the gauge without it being all scrunched up. Will post a photo of the amorphous bottom few inches of the top if I can get one to come out, and then after all that I’ll try to decide whether I have an unreasonable idea of what size I am.

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  1. Marvie

    I did nearly the same thing with my brown sweater. I swatched and it came out perfectly, but once I had a few inches done I discovered I could have fit two of me in it! So I frogged, changed needles and skipped the swatching step. It worked out ok for me, so maybe it’ll work for you too =) At any rate, it’s better to discover it with just a few inches done than the whole darn thing! Now if only I could figure out who I screwed up the top portion of my sweater! I’m going to take it to SnB next time I go and see if the smart knitters there can help lol.

    Good luck!

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