Tank top. Argh.

I have the proto-tank-top-front off the needles. It is supposed to be 19″ across the bottom at the hip. It measures 17″. If I give it a lot of encouragement, I can convince it to be 18″. Since the first swatch gained a little width in washing/blocking, I think it probably would be more like 18″ after washing.

18″ is the measurement for the next smaller size.

Looks like I’ll be starting over here. Probably making the next size up rather than using bigger needles—I like how the yarn’s working up on this size. There will be no photographic record of my lesson in gauge.

At least I was only 4″ in when it occurred to me to measure it, right? It was, like, a really, really big swatch. And I learned how to do short rows. (And also now not to do short rows.)