Yeah, so I was knitting a tank top. I ripped it out again yesterday due to a combination of profound annoyance, a nagging suspicion that I was still making it the wrong size, and the fact that I found two fairly large mistakes. I wasn’t that far into it, so the most reasonable thing to do seemed to be to frog the whole thing.

After I did that, I was bored because the power was out (for four hours—a transformer blew on the next street over. Sounded like a shotgun went off over there), annoyed because the power was out and I had to rip out that tank top and couldn’t face casting it on again right away and also feeling generally incompetent. I contemplated crocheting a doily, since that’s something that usually doesn’t make me feel grossly incomepent the way most some of my knitting has been lately.

So I found myself with a ball of #30 crochet thread in my hand, leafing through a pattern booklet, but I couldn’t find one I really wanted to make because most of my patterns are still packed, and I couldn’t go online to find one because the power was out.

What wasn’t packed, though, was some sock yarn—because of a stop at a yarn store in Findlay on the way to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago, where the very nice lady who owns the shop both congratulated me on persevering to learn how to use dpns and advised me that knitting socks is a thoroughly worthwhile activity—and my copy of Knitting Rules, which I’d been reading during the move. I figured that since I was going crazy what with all the things I’d planned to do requiring electricity, I’d risk another blow to my crafting self-esteem and try another sock. (There are posts back in the archives somewhere talking about my previous attempts to knit socks. It wasn’t pretty.)

And lookee here! (Carefully arranged to hide the rather dreadful laddering in the ribbing. It’s much better now that I’m on the stockinette part. I’ll work that out on the second sock.)

proto-sock photo

It has flaws, some of which I will probably fix and some of which I will accept on the grounds that a first sock is not perfect. It’s interesting how the laddering was absolutely dreadful in the ribbing but completely vanished once I got to the stockinette part. I need to try some different things in the second sock to see if I can figure out how not to make that happen, but for now I’m absolutely delighted to have made this far knitting a sock in the first place.

Oh. Edited to add the a plug for that yarn shop in case you’re ever passing through that part of Ohio. It’s The Yarn Farm, on township road 180 outside of Findlay, and it’s a great shop. The woman who runs the shop is really friendly and encouraging and I will absolutely stop by and show her the socks she helped encourage me to make when I’m in that area again.

Yet another edit: In a bit of sock-serendipity, after posting I was catching up reading at Bloglines and found that Vera is having a blog contest. If you love knitting socks, go on over and read this post and tell her what you love about sock knitting.

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  1. Dawn

    I’m cheering you on! you will be so happy when this pair is done–ladders or no, you will want to show them off to everyone.

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