Daily sock photo:
sock progres photo
This is really moving along much faster than I thought it would. I’m reading about what to do next after the heel flap. I read it once already last night, but I’ve learned that it’s not possible to read the directions too many times when it comes to patterns. I tend to skim and miss important bits of information.

Since Dawn and Stacey both said they like the colorway of this yarn, I meant to post what it was, only it turns out I don’t read German so well and the only part of the label that’s in English just says it’s machine washable and that sort of thing. It’s Regia 4-ply sock yarn, though, the multi-effect colors line, and, er. Farbe means color, right? If so, the color number is 5376. (I’m pretty sure the other number is the dye lot. Heh.)

2 thoughts on “Flappy

  1. Dawn

    Wow! the bigger it gets the better I like it. You got the color info right. Sometimes it is too much trouble to think of a name and companies just go with numbers, in which case I usually name it myself. For instance, that reminds me of stone and bark. So for me it is the “Stone and Bark” colorway. Much better than #5376.

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