I was just about to get out the sock for its daily photo. (I don’t think I’ve ever taken this many photos of a something-in-progress, ever. I am ridiculously and inordinately proud of this sock.) Then I realized: My knitting bag is in the car because I was knitting while I rode to the cell phone store with Don so we could get our phones upgraded since his was at least five years old and pretty messed up and mine was about four years old, had a massive crack that I kept gluing back together with superglue, and I couldn’t turn it off, ever, because if it was turned off the screen wouldn’t work when I turned it back on until I’d turn it on, then off, and so on, until one of those times I lucked out and the screen worked.

So. Anyway. I am back at home, and we both got new phones for not much money what with rebates and extending our contract and selling them maybe the tiniest portion of our souls and things of that nature. I heart my new phone. It’s red! It is absolutely adorable. The salesperson totally nailed me with that red phone. I was leaning toward a different phone, one that would’ve been more expensive in the long run but cheaper today because I wouldn’t have had to wait for the rebate, and she, apparently having noticed my red sweater and shiny red combat boots, said, “Why don’t I show you this one in red?” and came back out with one. I may have squealed a bit when I saw it, but I will deny that later.

But my knitting bag is still in the car. I was so absorbed with playing with my shiny red phone on the ride back that I abandoned the sock in the car, and now Don has gone to work. In the car. And so my sock is not here to take a photo, and I can’t knit. It is very sad. Maybe I’ll cast on the tank top yet again and see if I can get it right this time.

How the sock is going: I turned the heel, I picked up stitches, I made decreases, and now I’m working on the foot. Yay! The side of the sock that has the k2tog decreases is pretty decent loooking, but not so much the side with the ssk decreases. I am so not good at that ssk thing.

I noticed something interesting while I was working on this, something that is probably the reason why I have to frog parts of that lace wrap every time I work on it: Every time I make an ssk, I end up twisting the stitch I worked right before the decrease. Is that normal? It doesn’t look normal. In the lace wrap, I didn’t see that I was doing this, and I kept running into problems. With the sock, I could see it—bigger yarn, stitches in different colors—so I was able to untwist the stitch when I came back around. Once I caught on to what was happening, that is. There’s a little bitty spot in the sock where things maybe look a little peculiar.

I’m off—errands to do, towels to wash, shiny red phone to play with. I’ll be back tomorrow with a sock photo.

2 thoughts on “Photoless!

  1. Dawn

    It is a sad day when your knitting takes off without you. I have a tip for the ssk. Slip the first stitch knitwise and the second stitch purlwise and then knit them together through the back. This makes the stitch lay down nice and flat. I love doing it this way. Go here for a quick video demo: (they don’t show the improved version like I just described, but that is where I got the tip and it looks much better–and no twisting!). Hope that helps. I loved the story of how you got your phone (I bet you did squeal, just a little).

  2. Dawn

    Edit that last bit, They DO have a video of the ssk that one and you will love the results. Sorry to be sucking up so much of your comment space. I will leave now.

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