Half an FO

Look, I finished the first sock—many, many thanks to everyone who was cheering me on while I worked on it!

I hope you will not be struck blind by the terrifying paleness of my leg. I will still be that pale in August. I have learned to live with it.

I’m still working out how to get decent photos without the sun washing them out. I probably need to read the manual that came with the camera.

I went back and watched the ssk videos at knittinghelp.com per Dawn’s suggestion, and sure enough I was doing the ssks wrong all along. I was sticking the left needle through the back of the stitch instead of the front. The toe decreases are infinitely better-looking than the gusset decreases on account of I actually did them the right way. The toe is slightly wobbly where I did the grafting, but Kitchener stitch was another first for me, so I figure that’ll go better next time.

I used the sock recipe from Knitting Rules and didn’t change a thing other than using size 3 needles instead of size 2 because I knit and crochet more tightly than most people. Maybe I’m just wound a little tight? I’ve learned from experience to start with a needle one size bigger in knitting and a hook two sizes bigger in crochet because the recommended size is pretty much always too small for me. Still, I was much relieved that the sock turned out to fit well—I was halfway convinced I was making it too big.

How long did that take? Less than a week? I thought for sure it’d take a few weeks to finish the first sock. Now to cast on the second one…

4 thoughts on “Half an FO

  1. Dawn

    It looks fantastic! yippie! one down and one to go–
    It is good that you know that you need to adjust your needles sizes, it saves you a ton of time, I’m sure. That book is one of my favorites. She is so funny and gives a ton of practical advise in it. I have her new one and have started reading it (Casts Off). Don’t let me hold you up, get to that next sock. . .

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