Musings on socks and lace

I heeded Wendy’s advice to cast on the second stock straight away and am about four inches in. I’m not going to post five hundred progress photos this time, though. You all were very patient and enthusiastic the first time around, but I’m not going to push it by subjecting you to a second round of progress photos that look exactly like the ones from the first sock.

I’m glad I started right in with the second one. I’ve crocheted exactly one complete pair of socks and about 60% of another pair. The second pair has been awaiting completion for well over a year and a half, though in my defense the pattern I was using called for a separate cuff made of single crochet in the back loop, which I like for sock ribbing but which feels at the time like it’s never going to end. I didn’t want that to happen with this pair, and I’m determined to finish the second sock before flitting off to another project. (Never mind that these socks are wool and therefore won’t actually be worn until fall. If I don’t do it now, I might not ever do it.)

So far, things are much the same. I had nearly identical problems with the ribbing. I’m pretty good at ribbing on straights, but on dpns I have issues. Bad laddering between the second and third needles. With the first sock, I wove some yarn around to tighten it up, and it doesn’t show badly when the sock is on, so I think I’ll do the same with this one. It’s probably just a matter of getting better at it through experience, and there’s so little ribbing compared with the rest of the sock that I didn’t get as much practice on the first one. I can live with that. I’ll get better eventually.

Though I am, like I said, determined to finish this sock without being distracted by other projects, I’m very excited about having another go at the lace wrap now that I’ve learned how to do ssk decreases the right way. I’m now convinced that’s 99% of what I kept doing wrong. The other 1% of what I was doing wrong was not putting in lifelines—I was totally unable to salvage any of it after frogging the messed-up lace because the stitches were so tiny that I couldn’t manage to pick them up again without ending up with some stitches from one row, some from the previous one on the needle. It was such a mess that I had to rip out all eighteen rows of garter stitch, too, and just start over. Three times, if I recall correctly. This time, a lifeline’s going in on the eighteenth row of garter stitch and then after every lace repeat. Maybe after every few rows on the first lace repeat, even. I cannot face ripping out and re-knitting those eighteen rows of garter stitch again.

Why is it that I can cheerfully knit miles of stockinette in the round (all knit stitches) but garter stitch on straights (also all knit stitches) drives me completely bugnuts?

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  1. Marvie

    The ribbing improves with practice. Mine still isn’t perfect, but it’s not as bad as the first couple of pairs I made. Also, after a few washings the ladders work out mostly.

    I’m just not brave enough for lace yet. Tiny sts scare me still lol. Someday, but not just yet!

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