Getting there

In a display of project monogamy that’s wildly uncharacteristic of me, I’m still working on the second sock. Just finished the gusset decreases now and wow, do they ever look better than the ones on the first sock. Remember what I was saying about how it’s not possible to read the directions too many times? I missed a step the first time around—the part where you knit one round plain after each round of decreases. (The first sock fits just fine, but this one looks much better.) Combine that with the fact that I’ve mostly stopped messing up the ssks, and you actually can’t tell which side of the sock is k2tog decreases and which side is ssk.

In order to maintain a balance and not have one sock remarkably better-looking than the other, things seem to have gone a bit awry when I turned the heel. It’s not the wrong shape or anything, but things look a bit floopy. I think I was mixed up about ssk again for a little while there. But then it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to turn me upside down and inspect the heels of my socks for floopiness, so I’m okay with it.

I wonder whether it’s possible to finish the sock tonight. I’m still greatly entertained by the sock, but I want to knit lace, too. And crochet granny squares. Everyone seems to be making some sort of very cool granny project or other, and I’m feeling inspired to make squares.

Ooh! I just had a thought, one that involves the granny square skirt from Hip to Crochet, the one that has a solid part at the top and then the rest of the skirt is made up of small grannies done in sock yarn, with the shaping done by changing hook size? I have been wanting to make that skirt since I first got the book ages ago, but I’m not about to run out and buy the quantity of sock yarn called for in the pattern. But. If I’m not too fussy about it having a slightly crazy-quilt look to it, I bet I could, over time, make the whole thing out of leftover self-striping yarn. I had probably nearly a quarter of the first skein left over when I finished the first sock, will have as much left of the second skein, and that’d make a handful of little squares, I bet.

This could turn out to be a Really Bad Idea, I suppose, but there’s only one way to find out, right?