Almost there

I was up to the end of the sock and about to cut the yarn and graft the toe when I held it up to the other sock for comparison. They were near-identical twin socks right up to the toe, where I’d started the decreases a couple of rounds earlier on the second sock than the first. That left me with a brown/blue strip on the toe of the first sock and a whites and blues stripe at the toe of the second sock apart from the very end which would’ve been grafted with brown.

This looked very silly. If they’d been non-identical socks to begin with it wouldn’t have mattered so much, but I’d gone to all the trouble of making sure I started with the same part of the colorway on the second sock, and they’d been nearly identical up to the toe.

I decided I could not live with the very silly toe discrepancy, so I ripped out a whole bunch of rows, cussed a lot while I put stitches back on the needles and had to fix things with a crochet hook because I’m not particularly adept at this ripping/picking up maneuver, worked a few more rows before the decrease, and it’s much better matched now. It’s still not perfect—I may have done one or two more rounds than the first sock this time before starting to decrease—but it won’t look ridiculous.

The end is in sight, but I’m holding off till tomorrow to finish due to a threatented resurgence of Numb Finger of Doom. The last time that happened, I kept working on a thread crochet project for three hours after my fingertip started to feel the slightest bit numb, and as a result I didn’t regain feeling in my fingertip for close to three weeks. I want to finish the sock, but having sensation in all of my fingers is probably a higher priority. I think. I really want to finish the sock tonight. Maybe I’ll give it a rest for a few hours and see how it’s feeling.

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  1. Dawn

    Fingers first. Rest, recoup and THEN sock. I found a secret to frogging (esp. stockenette stitch), thread a needle with some thinner yarn and run it trough each stitch one or more rows beneath the row you need to frog. It acts a an invisible cast on and the waste yarn holds your stitches till you put them back on the needles. Works like a dream–it gets more confusing putting them on correctly when you start getting in to ribbing and yo’s and such but for stockenette it is a dream! Hope that wasn’t too confusing and that it helps in the future (if you need it). Cheers!

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