Finished socks

Hey, look:

(They are the same length. I don’t know what’s going on in that photo.)

I’m much happier with the toes now. They don’t match perfectly, but what I ended up with is fine by me. The first time they looked very silly next to each other with one ending in a whitish stripe and the other ending in a brownish stripe.

I love them. It’s almost—but not quite—enough to make me wish the weather were chilly enough to wear them today. I’m really very happy with how they turned out. You can see in the photos there are mistakes, but I learned a lot of things along the way.

What I might do differently next time: Maybe cast on fewer stitches—not many, maybe four. They fit really well on my left foot (which makes sense because that’s the foot I kept checking them on) but as it turns out my right foot is half a size smaller than the left, something which can only dealt with by making very slightly smaller socks or by having a left sock and a right sock. (The second option isn’t reasonable. I have enough trouble remembering the difference between left and right without it being possible to put socks on the wrong feet.) I also plan to try with a set of five dpns instead of four to see if that helps me make the ribbing tighter and less prone to laddering.

The numb finger is pretty much better today. (I have to confess that I finished the socks last night, but I did wait until it felt better before I picked up the knitting again.) I’m blaming the numbness partly on excessive knitting plus forgetting to take my B vitamins a lot lately and partly on the fact that I fell on the deck stairs the other night. All I paid attention to at first was that I had landed on the part of my back that always hurts (ouch) but I also landed on my wrist in such a way that I wrenched my neck and shoulder a bit due to the angle I landed at, and I’m noticing more and more that I have this sort of tingly nerve-pain thing in part of my hand and arm. I think I pinched a nerve/irritated something that is pressing on a nerve/something along those lines. What with it being in my arm too, I figure it’s got to be at least partly something in my neck or shoulder that’s causing it.

With any luck it’ll be back to normal soon. I’m trying to do lots of gentle stretching and stuff like that.

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  1. Wendy

    Excellent! I love them! I have been having some nerve/hand pain stuff on an off, too. I am in denial, but haven’t been doing as much knitting lately.

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