And more socks

Let’s not talk about the lace shawl today, okay? I am having a fundamental disagreement with the shawl in that it’s supposed to have 97 stitches and I keep ending up with only 95. Maybe I should be following the chart instead of trying to follow the written directions. Charts give me the willies, though. All those symbols.

Oh. I wasn’t going to talk about that, was I?

This is what I did yesterday—I needed something portable to take to the doctor’s office with me:

There’s a lot more green in there than I remembered—I pulled it out of the stash thinking I had some mostly-blue sock yarn. I like it though. Plymouth Sockotta, which is a cotton/superwash wool/nylon blend, color #621.

I know you think this yarn is hideous. I was a little skeptical myself when I started the sock, but it’s grown on me.

This is more of a Where’s Waldo? than a photo:

Baby robins. Can you see them? It’s near impossible to get a clear photo of them because I’m doing this through the window screen. They’re right outside the bedroom window. If I open the window suddenly, they pop right up with their beaks open hoping for food.

New socks aside, I’m trying not to overdo the knitting. Like I mentioned up above, I had a visit to the doctor yesterday. You know how I said I was better after that fall on the steps? Not so much, as it turned out. The doc said things like “bicep tendon stenosis” and “ulnar neuropathy”. I am supposed to try not to irritate my shoulder while it heals. Feh.

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  1. Dawn

    Sock looking good. Shawl? dare I mention said shawl? could you be missing a couple of Yarn Overs somewhere? hmm. Are you taking any Motrin for swelling and icing your shoulder? Feel better (and knit a little, if possible–it will help ease the pain, or maybe that was a shot of Jack. Whatever).

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