The Seraphina progress report

I’m starting to have a few concerns about the Seraphina, mainly that I’m going to run out of yarn any time now and it still isn’t as big as I’d like it to be, about 17″ from the center top to the bottom point and something like 38″ or 39″ across the top edge.

There’s also, for lack of a better word, a thing going on where the yarn flashes in places. Mostly the two separate strands mellow out the intensity of the colors, but in places there will be a stretch where the red lines up with the red and the dark purple lines up with the dark purple, and I can’t decide whether I like that or not. It’s happened once so far, for about four rows, and is starting again on the row I’m working on. I think I’m okay with it as long as it ends up looking as though I meant it to look like that, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, see for yourself before I babble about it some more. See how little yarn I have left?
Seraphina progress photo

I am of two minds here. I could:

  • Keep going and see what happens. It might just turn out to be big enough after blocking, and though I probably will not have anywhere near enough yarn to edge across the top, it will probably look okay without edging. The flashing might look like I meant for that to happen. QuĂ© sera, sera. I do not have to exercise obsessive perfectionism over everything I make.
  • or

  • Frog it. Untangle and re-ball all that yarn (440 yards in each ball, folks), find some inexpensive black laceweight and start over again, using one strand of this yarn and one strand of black. This would fix both the running out of yarn and the flashing color problem.

Either way, this yarn is going to be a Seraphina. I love the colors, I love this pattern, and one way or the other I’ll get it to work. I’ll be sitting over here thinking on it for a while. I might crochet till I run out of yarn before I make a decision—if I frog, it’ll be a nightmare to get it all untangled and balled up, but that’s true whether I start from where I am right now or wait until the yarn runs out.

6 thoughts on “The Seraphina progress report

  1. Dawn

    OR, you could keep going till you run out of yarn and then get some black and finish it up with that. Kind of a two tone shawl. I like the flashing of colors actually and I think if you finish it in black it would look pretty cool. Just a thought.

  2. Marvie

    I’d go ahead and finish with what you have, block it and see how it looks. You might not have to worry about it after a good tough blocking. The flashing looks like you did it on purpose, so I wouldn’t worry about that, call it part of the pattern ;)

    If you wind up having to frog it and untangle that mess, make sure you have enough alcohol handy because that’s gonna be a bitch! And if you do it, you’re a better woman than I am because I tried that once and gave up in about ten minutes rofl.

  3. Sara

    I like the way the flashing looks. I agree with Marvie, untangling that stuff after frogging will take a lot of fortitude and spirits.

    OOO a black finish would look way cool….

  4. Megan

    Tough call. If it were me, I’d open up a beer and rip it out, then crochet again holding one strand of black along with the colored. And possibly cry a little. :)

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