My first Summer of Socks socks are started

Y’know, it occurred to me earlier that I haven’t put any of my finished object photos into the gallery for ages, possibly since I moved the blog to its current home early this year. I’m thinking about setting up a new gallery altogether and starting fresh, just import the photos I like best from the old gallery and then just keep going with new things. There are a lot of slightly bizarre projects in the old gallery.

The beginnings of my first pair of Summer of Socks socks:

Summer of Socks--progress photo, first pair

The yarn is Marks & Kattens Clown, which is a cotton/wool blend, in colorway #1688, lots of pretty sky blues. Happy happy.

I have not given up on the candle flame shawl, which is in time-out at the moment, or the Seraphina.

I still haven’t decided just what to do about the Seraphina, though. I got lots of great advice in the comments to the last post. The two main trains of thought there were:

  • keep going till I ran out of yarn (which I did very shortly after finishing the row I was on when I posted that photo) and then either block it to see how big it ended up or finish it off with black
  • or

  • frog it while consoling myself with alcoholic beverages and possibly having a good cry while I’m at it, then redo the shawl using one strand of the red and purple and a second strand of black

I’m torn. On the one hand, I think it would look pretty cool finished off with black, and Knitpicks has some fingering weight black yarn that’s exactly double the weight of the laceweight at 220yd/50g and which is very inexpensive (budget being a major consideration here).

But for slightly more money and aggravation (okay, well, a lot more aggravation) I could frog what I’ve done so far, get some black laceweight for not very much more money than the fingering weight would cost, and be more sure of getting a result I’d be happy with. I’m still thinking it over.

Another project I have in mind, now that I’m unpacked enough that in the foreseeable future I might be able to dig out the sewing machine, involves the background to that photo up there. The only problem about losing fifty pounds, it turns out, is that clothes you love don’t fit you anymore. I sent a lot of things to Goodwill before I moved that were in good shape but just too big for me, but I kept some things that I really loved with an eye toward doing something or other with them. That B-52’s t-shirt that I cut up and refashioned recently was one of them, and another was a whole pile of peasant skirts. The sock is lying on one of those skirts, which I’m wearing today while everything else is in the wash. I can’t really wear it out of the house, though, because it looks a bit silly. It’s very big, and I have the waist pinned with safety pins to make it stay up because I can’t pull the drawstring tight enough otherwise.

These skirts—I really love these skirts. Now, most of them came from thrift shops and I didn’t pay more than a couple of dollars apiece for them, but they have all this great fabric in them. I keep thinking over what I want to do. I could, say, take the waistband off this skirt, remove an entire gore from it, and make a new waistband, and it would probably fit perfectly after that, with enough material taken out to line a bag or something clever like that. Or I could just use it as raw fabric and make a cute top (or two) or a completely different skirt out if it. I don’t know. But I want to do something with it and the other skirts I’ve saved.

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  1. Jewels

    Oooh, those look like they’re going to be nice socks. I’m working up my bravery to try some knit socks while I’m on summer holidays. I did some spa socks 5mm with dpn’s and did not too bad.

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