Found while unpacking

Speaking of socks, look at the UFO I found while unpacking (the colors are washed out by the flash, so you’ll have to use your imagination there—it was sort of a spur of the moment, middle of the night kind of thing):
Crochet sock

Ooh, that matches my skirt ever so well, doesn’t it? Kit-Kat is, as always, supervising.

This sock is why I am now so intent making starting second socks immediately after the first sock. I crocheted this sock in, oh, 2005? Somewhere around there. That’s how long I’d had the yarn I made the olive stripe socks with recently—I bought two 100g skeins of it on a trip to Pittsburgh. I have this one sock and most of the cuff ribbing of the second sock. Sometime last year I picked it up again and had major gauge issues with the ribbing to the point where I was no longer sure I was using the same hook I’d originally used, though the hook was tucked in with the unfinished project. I put it away again, unable to face frogging those sixty or so rows of back-loop single crochet and starting again. That is a lot of sc right there.

But one of my Summer of Socks goals, now that I’ve unearthed this project, is to finish these socks. When I first found them today I thought for a while about frogging the whole thing, finished sock and all, and making a new pair of knit socks out of them. But then I put the finished sock on, and I just can’t frog it. It fits perfectly, it’s incredibly comfortable, and I love the contrast between the lengthwise striping on the cuff and the horizontal striping in the rest of the sock. (It’s the In Your Shoes ankle sock pattern at Crochet Me, except that I used hdc for everything except the cuff and changed the cuff sizing to fit me better.)

I’ll have to monkey around with different hooks for a while to get the gauge right to keep going with the ribbing, but I definitely want to finish these rather than frog them.

My current pair of knit socks is moving along at my usual less-than-speedy pace. I keep getting faster at knitting, but I’m still nowhere near as fast at it as I am at crochet. (I’ve also been slowed down this week by emergency oral surgery. I’m on the mend now, but I was in a bit of a fog for a few days what with not eating solid food and all.) I turned the heel of the first sock yesterday and am working on the foot now.

In technobabble-ish news, the email address I used to have on the sidebar (yarnification at is now defunct. It was attracting a lot of spam. That was never an address that I gave out much, but if that’s the only email address you have for me, please note that there’s a new one over there in the sidebar. (It forwards to my regular address. I always try to do that with addresses I put on things like this blog so that when the spambots inevitably get hold of it, I can just kill the old address and set up a new one.) I’d also like to point out here that Project Honeypot has a great script that will help obscure your email address to keep it from being harvested by spambots. It’s what I used for the email address over there, though I tinkered with it to make it wrap instead of being on one very long line. For one thing, it’s a very long address and looked silly at first, and for another I just have to tinker with things. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do that.

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