Such a joiner

A while back, I saw Deneen and Megan—and probably other folks but have lost track—post their high school yearbook photos along with a current photo. I thought that was a pretty cool idea but at the time I was still very much not unpacked from the move and couldn’t tell where anything non-essential was.

I got my computer set up recently—yay! The laptop I was using was driving me nuts. (It overheats. It is a total drama queen.) I also found a box with photos since then, and since I now have a computer that isn’t driving me crazy, I thought I’d go ahead and scan the photo.

(Maybe this way you won’t notice that I have no crafty things to talk about today.)

This was maybe sixteen years ago. I think it will be obvious to anyone who knows me at all that my sister did my hair and the makeup and that my ma forced me to wear that pink sweater. I have never in my entire life willingly worn anything pink.

Not too long ago:

I don’t think I look that much different apart from looking, well, sixteen years older. And a little chubbier than I was back then, though I’ve lost most of the weight I gained in my 20’s. I kinda want my long hair back looking at that photo, but in reality it never looked that good when I fixed it myself and was a nuisance to take care of.

2 thoughts on “Such a joiner

  1. Stacy

    Your pic so reminds me of my Senior picture. I think we have the same hair, lol.

    And you’re right, you do still look like you. :)

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