I am declaring a general amnesty

I need a blog-reading amnesty here. The last time I posted, there were those 1400 or so unread posts, though Jess kindly pointed out that part of that was Bloglines randomly resetting entire feeds as unread.

But now? Now there are over 2300 unread posts. I give. There is no way. I keep not reading any of it because there is no way I can read it all. I’m marking every last thing read and starting over.

I got this job, see, which is sucking up a fair portion of my knit and crochet time, my blog-reading time, my gamer-dork time, my general slacking off time—you get the picture. I have not knitted or crocheted a stitch in at least two weeks.

I know, I know, your heart bleeds for me, having to work for a living and all. I’m a little bit exhausted, though. Working first shift is a major lifestyle adjustment for me, and I sit in front of a computer typing all day, which makes me not so much want to sit in front of a computer and type in the evenings when I get home.

I hope I haven’t missed anything—aw, hell. I know I missed lots. I need to start over again anyway.

5 thoughts on “I am declaring a general amnesty

  1. Dawn

    Blog land is forgiving. We all go through the knitting void from time to time. We will still be here when you get the chance to jump in.

  2. Marvie

    Dude, I have lots of free time, but with Bloglines still posting entire blogs (or feels like that anyway) with “unread” posts I haven’t even been reading much.

    I made the mistake once of “organizing” my feeds, sticking all the fiber blogs into one catagory etc. So now, rather than seeing how many new posts each individual blog has, I just see a Fiber catagory with 438 new posts (give or take a few) and it turns out that 2/3 of those are months old! Grrrr. Or just as bad, it’s the same post that’s been showing up for three damn days.

    So, I scroll through quickly, stopping if I see something new from someone I comment on regularly. I’ve been missing a lot though because of the quickly scrolling part.

    I might have to un-organize things to make my life easier lol.

  3. Marvie

    PS. I’ve noticed that if a blog hasn’t updated since that whole Bloglines thing started, the next time it does update with a new post, bloglines puts up a crapload of old posts along with the new one.

    For instance, this post of yours showed up and then every post you’ve made since April 24th was right behind it lol.

  4. lisa

    Starting over is good. I have to do the same with my bloglines often. Sometimes there are too many new/updated feeds to read to stay caught up.

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