So I’m thinking about reviving this thing

I wonder whether anyone’s still subscribed to this thing. I’m thinking no, but I’m okay with just talking to myself here.

So in 2007 I moved and started a new job, then started school not long after. Crafting of all kinds fell by the wayside for a while between new demands on my time and an injury that made it hard to knit or crochet. But about a year and a half ago I got back into it, and now I’m happily attempting to do way too many things at once.

I have some knitting and crochet things going on, and I’ve been learning embroidery and attempting to learn how to spin.

The embroidery is interesting. I noticed after I’d been doing it for a bit that I was using my right hand. I’m left-handed, so I figured maybe this was why I was doing so poorly at it, but not so apparently. I couldn’t make it work at all left-handed — go figure. I’m only on my second project here, so I’m not especially good at it yet, but I’m steadily getting a little better, I think. I’m thinking of redoing that bit of orange outlining in the top section with a slightly mellower orange.

And my first bit of profoundly uneven and lumpy handspun:

(Don’t ask me how the dog managed to shed on my embroidery. His superpower involves ejecting tufts of fur everywhere he goes, and he decided that the middle of January would be a super time to start getting rid of that warm winter coat.)