Yay patchwork!

I finished these last month sometime. They’re sort of an attempt to get back into sewing. I never did enough sewing to be really good at it, but then I barely touched the sewing machine for several years apart from mending things. I wish I’d gotten a photo of one of them on my niece, but I was too busy being killed dead by how adorable she is so there’s just this one with the funky lighting.

Both were made using the quilted patchwork bib tutorial from Sew She Sews. One is quilted and the other is done with iron-on vinyl. I had no idea that iron-on vinyl stuff even existed — it’s fantastic.

I’m really only barely competent with the sewing machine at this point and these have a multitude of issues, but my sister thought they were awesome, so good enough. I’m going to make a few more, which should be good practice. I have most of a second quilted one done already, but the sewing machine and I had words with each other and it’s having a little time-out right now. (Also, I think I need to oil it.)