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Yay patchwork!

I finished these last month sometime. They’re sort of an attempt to get back into sewing. I never did enough sewing to be really good at it, but then I barely touched the sewing machine for several years apart from mending things. I wish I’d gotten a photo of one of them on my niece, but I was too busy being killed dead by how adorable she is so there’s just this one with the funky lighting.

Both were made using the quilted patchwork bib tutorial from Sew She Sews. One is quilted and the other is done with iron-on vinyl. I had no idea that iron-on vinyl stuff even existed — it’s fantastic.

I’m really only barely competent with the sewing machine at this point and these have a multitude of issues, but my sister thought they were awesome, so good enough. I’m going to make a few more, which should be good practice. I have most of a second quilted one done already, but the sewing machine and I had words with each other and it’s having a little time-out right now. (Also, I think I need to oil it.)

Olive stripe socks

First a note: I am way behind on reading email and blogs and things of that nature. If I was supposed to write you back about something and haven’t, it’s because of that.

This morning I’m suffering from severe caffeine deprivation. I’m wandering around in a fog over here. After I post this I need to go to the grocery store and buy something that contains caffeine. (I may need an IV drip at this point. I dunno.)

I finished the current pair of socks yesterday. I opted not to obsess over making them match. Well, that’s not precisely true. I started the second sock, got halfway through the cuff, and decided to start over with a different section of yarn because I thought they might match if I tried over. They ended up not really matching, but I like ’em.

The colors aren’t quite what they look like in the photo, or maybe it’s my monitor. The olive stripes seem to look brown in photos.

Project photo: Olive stripe socks

Project photo: Olive stripe socks

Finished socks

Hey, look:

(They are the same length. I don’t know what’s going on in that photo.)

I’m much happier with the toes now. They don’t match perfectly, but what I ended up with is fine by me. The first time they looked very silly next to each other with one ending in a whitish stripe and the other ending in a brownish stripe.

I love them. It’s almost—but not quite—enough to make me wish the weather were chilly enough to wear them today. I’m really very happy with how they turned out. You can see in the photos there are mistakes, but I learned a lot of things along the way.

What I might do differently next time: Maybe cast on fewer stitches—not many, maybe four. They fit really well on my left foot (which makes sense because that’s the foot I kept checking them on) but as it turns out my right foot is half a size smaller than the left, something which can only dealt with by making very slightly smaller socks or by having a left sock and a right sock. (The second option isn’t reasonable. I have enough trouble remembering the difference between left and right without it being possible to put socks on the wrong feet.) I also plan to try with a set of five dpns instead of four to see if that helps me make the ribbing tighter and less prone to laddering.

The numb finger is pretty much better today. (I have to confess that I finished the socks last night, but I did wait until it felt better before I picked up the knitting again.) I’m blaming the numbness partly on excessive knitting plus forgetting to take my B vitamins a lot lately and partly on the fact that I fell on the deck stairs the other night. All I paid attention to at first was that I had landed on the part of my back that always hurts (ouch) but I also landed on my wrist in such a way that I wrenched my neck and shoulder a bit due to the angle I landed at, and I’m noticing more and more that I have this sort of tingly nerve-pain thing in part of my hand and arm. I think I pinched a nerve/irritated something that is pressing on a nerve/something along those lines. What with it being in my arm too, I figure it’s got to be at least partly something in my neck or shoulder that’s causing it.

With any luck it’ll be back to normal soon. I’m trying to do lots of gentle stretching and stuff like that.

FO: Rolled brim hat

A finished object in the Project Spectrum department. About 220 yards of Paton’s classic merino in new denim, size H/5.00mm hook. (Maybe this way I’ll remember next time.)

rolled brim hat photo

That is all. I could’ve had some really cool photos of the sunlight glittering through ice-coated trees, but it was cold and snowing (yes, snowing while the sun was out) and I chickened out on pulling the truck over to the side of the road since I didn’t want to get stuck.

FO: The corset (finally!)

Specifications: This is the outerwear corset pattern from StitchDiva. I used Paton’s Katrina in noir, probably about two or so skeins (I’m pretty sure I bought three skeins, and I have two partial/half-ish skeins left). K hooks for both the regular and Tunisian crochet. The pattern calls for I hooks and a yarn that works up at 19 sts to 4 inches, and I crochet tight and got a yarn that works up at 18 sts to 4 inches. It’s laced up with 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon with beads tied onto the ends.

I think this is the 30″ size, though it might be 32″. I don’t have the pattern with me today, so I’m not for sure which size I made. I know I made it small, though (I have something like a 33″ waist, or did when I measured last spring) because that Katrina is pretty stretchy, and the pattern warns about the corset stretching after it’s been worn anyhow. So I think that’s the 30″ size.

I know I always say this, but this isn’t a great photo. First off, you can see a bit of the boning—I missed that the first time around with the sewing (did lots of reinforcement after, too, just in case), and anyway I want to get a better photo, one that’s not in my living room and where I don’t look so glazed over, and submit it for the StitchDiva gallery, because I gather you get something nifty if she decides to use your photo, and this one isn’t going to cut it. It was well after midnight when I finally finished, and you can kinda tell, can’t you? (Thumbnail is clickable for full-size version.)

Corset thumbnail

I feel compelled to make warm, cozy things

(Oh, I came back to add that the creepy house in the photo in the previous post? I do not live in that house. It is actually both condemned and abandoned. It’s next door to my house. Très scenic.)

I have some thread projects and other things that I keep meaning to finish up, but in the meantime all I seem to want to do is keep people warm.

Last week I was seized with an urge to find that gigantor ball of Joann’s rainbow bouclé that I bought for 40% off back in June with the intention of making a throw to keep in the car after freezing my ass off while stranded with a flat tire on a rainy night. (Turned out those shorts that seemed like such a good idea during the daytime were not so appropriate after nightfall and a thunderstorm. Also turned out that camo and black is in general not a good color scheme to be wearing in the dark when you are trying to get the attention of a tow truck driver who knows only that you are located somewhere within about five acres of parking lot.)

Anyway. Rainbow bouclé. 40% off. $5 blanket, woohoo! But I was distracted on the way by finding a few balls of leftover Wool-ease. They sang to me. They told me that they would make a lovely, warm scarf, and didn’t Vicki look like she could use a nice scarf? So I set off on a mission.

I really like the sedge stitch from that Harmony crochet book. It’s sorta bumply, like making half-shells or something. It works up really fast.

Clickable…It’s folded in quarters; all told it’s probably six feet or so.
sedge stitch scarf

Close up:
sedge stitch scarf -- close up

Now I’m working on that throw. Maybe that will satisfy my compulsion to keep people warm so I can finish my unfinished projects…

How do you decide?

Hey folks.

I have this $25 Knitpicks gift certificate that I won months ago in Lori’s blog contest, and it is seriously burning a hole in my pocket.


I can’t decide what yarn to buy. I’ve been trying to settle on a project and then pick out yarn for it, but this is more complex than previously anticipated.

I want to make a cute little crochet dress, like maybe this or this (pdf files, both of them, just so’s you’re warned), in celebration of the fact that I have lost something like 40 pounds and possibly might could actually look cute in something like that now.


How do I figure out what size to make? I have to wonder if my bust measurement, which is how both of those patterns are sized, is going to tell me to make it a size too big. I’m a 10 in jeans, a medium-to-large in tops depending on how much give they have, 36DD bra size (because I have so far been blessed with losing weight without my boobs disappearing—go me!—but just try finding that size at Walmart). So I dunno. Do I go with what looks like the equivalent of a size large on the grounds that if crochet clothing patterns are anything like sewing patterns, it’s probably designed for a B cup? Or do I make the medium size and try to adjust if it looks like it’ll be too small around the bust? Do I even trust myself to be have enough of a clue to adjust the pattern properly?


In other news, the other day I ran across three leftover balls of Woolease worsted in blue mist and they just called out to me. We want to be made into a scarf for Vicki! So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m using one of the sedge stitch patterns (the first one, I think) from the Harmony 300 Crochet Stitches book and it’s working up pretty quickly. Photo soon, maybe tomorrow even.

Oh, and I overcame my fear of setting the corset on fire and singed the boning (hee!) and have attached one of the two edging channels. One more to go, then sew the boning in place, make the eyelet rows for the lacing, and it’s done. I am not looking forward to the sewing in place of the boning because it involves a needle and thread and a thimble and it sounds tedious and also a bit painful, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

And, finally, a project pic, because didn’t I promise to post the photo of What I Did With That Motorhead T-shirt I Stole From My Buddy Jim In 1989? (Note: I have cropped the photo to just the t-shirt because, dude. I look really pudgy in that photo because I forgot to stand up straight, and also I am squinting because the sun was in my eyes in a major way. But if you want to see the whole Deranged Pixie Outfit, it is here.)

Anyway, here ya go:

Mushroom scarf

That afghan was actually not the only thing I was working on. I was putting a few rows here and there on a plain hdc scarf for sanity purposes, and after I finished the afghan, I finished up the scarf. It’s made of, um, RH Casual Cotton I think. Some chunky cotton thing, anyway. I remember that the color name was mushroom but am a little hazy as to what brand it was.

I’ve been intending to make a scarf out of that very yarn for upwards of two years now, and now I have. Well, I’d started a scarf with it more than once but was never happy and kept frogging it. What I found and frogged most recently was some stitch pattern I couldn’t even remember that seemed to invove a lot of crossed dcs. Interesting, maybe, but I decided plain ol’ hdc would look nicer and be warmer.

I have an unaccountable fondness for absurdly long scarves, so I was happy that two skeins made this long enough to go all the way around my neck and still reach hip-length.

Clickable (eek! I have no neck!):

All hdc with aforementioned chunky cotton yarn (two full skeins) and a size M hook.

It is done

It is done, and that is a huge relief.

Honestly, though, I don’t know how all you folks manage to take photos of afghans that don’t suck. I know it can be done, because I’ve seen it done by other people, but I can never find a place to lay it out flat where I can get a decent photo. So it’s all folded up here. The border I did instead of the one in the pattern? It looks weird in the photo, but okay in reality. I’ve never been entirely happy with any afghan border but I like this one a lot better than what was in the pattern.

Anyhow I don’t have time to get a good photo; it needs wrapped up now. So just take my word for it that it does not look as odd in person as it does in the photo, okay? (clickable)

Petite pineapple doily

It is purely embarrassing how long this has been finished but not blocked. I finally got off my ass and blocked it so I could send it to my ma (who I sincerely hope does not know about this blog, because then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, would it?) It’s Priscilla Hewitt’s Petite Pineapple doily.

I think I’m getting a little better at blocking, though maybe not so much this whole photography thing. Clickable:

Petite pineapple doily-thumbnail