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FO: Rolled brim hat

A finished object in the Project Spectrum department. About 220 yards of Paton’s classic merino in new denim, size H/5.00mm hook. (Maybe this way I’ll remember next time.)

rolled brim hat photo

That is all. I could’ve had some really cool photos of the sunlight glittering through ice-coated trees, but it was cold and snowing (yes, snowing while the sun was out) and I chickened out on pulling the truck over to the side of the road since I didn’t want to get stuck.

It’s Wednesday, right?

It’s Wednesday, right? So here are the works-in-progress. (I am working on the photography thing. Clearly I’m not there yet. I’m not sure if this is just a talent that one either possesses or does not possess or if it’s something that can be fixed by reading a book about it. A simple book that does not go completely over my head.)

Both projects are in the current Project Spectrum colors, even.

The search for Woolease in blue mist, in a clash with my general inability to delay gratification of most kinds, led me in the end to the yarn aisle at Meijer, where I called Vicki up and was told that no, the hat really does not at all need to be made of the precise same yarn as the scarf, and I bought Paton’s Classic Merino in new denim instead.

I’m using the rolled-brim hat pattern I always use, the one from that seventies edition of the Reader’s Digest Guide to Needlework. I thought about knitting the hat—I am enthralled with knitting lately, as if you couldn’t tell—but it would be spring by the time I finished a knit hat. Also I was slightly curious to see whether I still in fact know how to crochet. (I do.)

It’s just getting to the point where it’s starting to look less like a yarmulke and more like it will grow up to be a full-size hat. It’ll probably be done in a day or so. Wonkiness in the increases will theoretically be removed by blocking later.
rolled brim hat progress photo

And the ribbed scarf continues to aspire to be worn before the weather warms up. I’m getting a bit faster at knitting, but I’m still much slower at it than crochet.

Do you not just want to snuggle up with that ball of alpaca and love it and squeeze it and call it George? Or is that just me? Maybe it would be going faster if I did more knitting and less fondling of the ball of yarn.
ribbed scarf progress photo

Project Spectrum – ribbed scarf

The February/March Project Spectrum colors being blue, white and gray combined with my having gotten a skein of lovely, warm, soft alpaca from Santa have led to this so far:

ribbed scarf progress photo

It may look a bit unexciting—it’s a 2×2 rib—but the yarn is so soft and fuzzy and cozy that it just begged to have something nice and simple done with it. (Yes, I talk to my yarn, and it talks back.)